Create Course Completion Certificates by Using These Free Templates

Create Course Completion Certificates by Using These Free Templates

Create Course Completion Certificates by Using These Free Templates

Course completion certificates are important for anyone conducting courses, but organizing them can be time consuming, and achieving a personalized professional look can be expensive. The free course completion certificate templates offered here can be used, at no cost, to produce certificates that are highly professional in appearance and that can be personalized to your needs.

It is so important to reward participants for completing a course. Participants have applied themselves, put in time and effort, and they have achieved what the course has set out to teach them. The final marker of their engagement with this learning experience is the completion certificate, and the importance of providing a high quality, professional certificate should not be underestimated. It can be a lasting record of achievement for participants to value and display.

Providing participants with a generic completion certificate not only values the time and effort that they have put into your course, but values the course itself. A cheap, unprofessional completion certificate will leave the course itself seeming cheap and unprofessional, and any opportunity for a course provider to enhance their image and reputation should be seized.

A high quality, professional course completion certificate can not only leave participants with the feeling that they have spent their time completing a quality, worthwhile course; but it can enhance the image of the course provider. A certificate is often the only written record of a participants’ completion of a course. It may be viewed by colleagues, employees, family, teachers, employers, and potential employers. If it is of high quality and if it suitably personalized it may become prominently displayed, and will provide a lasting advertisement for the course.

Professional, high quality, personalized certificates need not be expensive or time consuming. The free course completion certificate templates provided here are professional looking and can be customized by anyone with basic Microsoft Word skills, allowing unique, professional certificates to be created.

Using Microsoft word these templates can be edited in many ways, including

  • changing names
  • changing the award value
  • changing the company or school name
  • changing the signatures that can be added
  • adding logos for the course, school or business
  • changing any other text that appears on the certificate

The templates can be simply edited and customized to your course, they allow insertion of a brand or logo, and can be quickly individualized for each participant. Once printed onto high quality paper, professional and unique certificates will be ready for use.

With the help of these free templates, professional certificates can be produced that will celebrate participant’s achievements, provide a record of their completion, and serve as a long lasting symbol of the quality and professionalism of the course and course provider.

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