Create Participation Certificates by Using Free Templates

Schools and corporations often have events to build morale and encourage teamwork. When you do this for your students or employees, award certificates can give participants in the event a real feeling of accomplishment. However, giving them a generic or unprofessional certificate can diminish that joy. With my template, you can create customized award certificates. The template was created in Microsoft Word and is easily editable by anyone who can use that program.


With my template, you are free to create a participation award that is sleek and professional. It can include the participant’s name, the award value, the company or school name, and even a customized logo. The sky is the limit as far as what you can do with this template. With the extreme customization, you will make any participant feel as if they have received a real award, and you can avoid paying exorbitant fees at printing facilities. You will create something beautiful, and save money at the same time.