If you believe that any information you see posted on is your Copyright, then it is required that you notify us immediately. Use the form provided to include the details of the Copyright Infringement. This form, and the information you provide will serve as the notification of the infringement.

What Copyright Infringement Notification Should Include both recognizes and respects all third-party Copyrights. It is our policy to respond to all Copyright infringement notifications. After we have received a properly filled out notification of compliance regarding these guidelines is received, the website in question may decide to either remove the material or disable access to that particular material which has experienced infringement. We reserve the right to act upon our own discretion in this matter. These actions may include, but not be limited to the act of disabling the account of the offending user. During this time, may make attempts to contact the responsible party, in the event where Said party refuses to make an appropriate statement according to the stated regulations.

Guidelines to be regarding infringement claims:

  • The statement must contain a handwritten or electronic signature of the individual responsible for submitting the Copyright Infringement notification.
  • Identification of alleged infringed material must be included in list form.
  • All materials which have been alleged to be under Copyright Infringement must have clear documentation. This documentation is necessary so the proper material can be removed, access denied or disabled. The information presented must be complete so may locate the information.
  • Contact information must be included so the can contact the party lodging the complaint. Contact information to include: address, telephone number, email address.
  • This notification must include a statement from the complaining party which conveys that a statement made in good faith, that the material is not authorized by the original owner or by the law itself.
  • Finally, a statement which reiterates that the information provided in this infringement notification form is, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and true with regards to the details presented. will take full responsibility to follow through with the procedures provided to them by the applicable regulations regarding Copyright Infringement. This ensures that all compliance with are meant and followed through to the exact letter. When receives a properly completed notification form which does indeed correctly identify and document any and all infringement material, will proceed to remove or disable access to Said material immediately. Please be aware, that will not always send confirmation at the time or removal or disabling of the material.

Any statements by the party who allegedly posted the infringing material must also be in full compliance with the requirements regarding notifications. Please note that you may become liable, should that material infringe on third-party rights. If you are unsure with regards to the material or this process, it is advised that you seek legal counsel. Contact Information

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Should any of the aforementioned requirements not be met or fulfilled in the proper way, as stated by us, said infringement notification may not be valid.

Thank you for your cooperation in the above matter.