Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to and anyone using this website is automatically in acceptance of these policies. In this policy, we will review the process of collection information from this website users. It reviews which information exactly we collect, why we collect personal information and when we collect it.

What We Collect

When you land on our website, we collect you IP address to filter it through spam list, to track your usage and navigation through website. This process is automatic and this information is used to provide better user experience by showing last visited products, related products etc.

We do also collect Email address, postal address, full name and telephone number, when you are purchasing or receiving products from us. This information will store in our database and can be accessed in case of order tracking or product support. We DO NOT store any sensitive information that includes Credit Card details or any payment processing information.

Other than that, whenever we will ask for any personal information, we will tell you the reason of collection. In last, it is totally in your control to submit or not to submit any required information on our website. Anyhow you may not be able to purchase or access our products without submitting required information.

How We Use Information

We use provided information to deliver any purchased product or service to user. We also use this information to track user’s activity, purchase history, order tracking, product support on our website. Other than that, we may use this information to collect feedback on our products or update user about our new product & services via email.

Advertising may display ads of other companies, services on its website. These ads may or may not be related to content displayed on our website. By clicking on any of these ads, user will be redirected to another website linked with that ad. These sites have their own Privacy Policies so you are advised to read their policies before using those websites.

Google Adsense may display Google Adsense advertising. Google uses DART cookies to display more relevant advertisements according to user’s interests. Read more at:

Links To Other Websites

User may find links to other websites while surfing By clicking on those links, user will redirect to another website. All these websites have their own privacy policies and may collect your information for their own benefit. We have nothing to do with it, this policy does not apply to any website other than

Policy Regarding Minors bound you not to enter any information if you are under the age of 18. You can ask your parents or guardian to enter information to buy or access our products.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us by using following information:

Email: reserve the rights to change these policies at any time, without any notice. So, we encourage you to visit and review this page every time you visit our website.