Basketball Award Certificate (Brown,Orange Design)

Basketball Award Certificate (Brown,Orange Design)


Formats Included:
MS Word, PDF
Software Requirements:
MS Word 2007+, PDF Reader


Here the color is more solid and it fades out gradually towards the bottom. The color still matches the ball and the court so the theme of the game is upheld. It has a unique and interesting arrangement of the text and the image.

The image shows just the forearm of a player who has just made a shot and the ball is mid-air heading straight for the net. The forearm is on the bottom corner of the certificate, the ball is around the center and the rim is all the way on the other side. It gives me the impression of a long-distance shot.

I find this certificate fitting for a player who has exemplary shooting skills especially 3-point shots. It has a bolder and sturdier look which makes it more unique. There is an image of a person at the top right corner. I am not sure whether it is the referee or a fan celebrating.

The centered title is a nice touch and the certificate is great for the job.