Editable Halloween Gift Certificate Dracula


Formats Included:
MS Word, PDF
Software Requirements:
MS Word 2007+, PDF Reader


The Halloween Gift Certificate Dracula Themed Sample has a very calming feeling for the holiday celebrations. It has a dull yellow background color on the top left corner that fades into a light orange when it gets to the bottom right. The color scheme is matched by the yellow moon that’s on the top left corner of the scene. The background of the scene is gray and there’s red Halloween text in the middle that says Happy Halloween and A Gift For You right under it. On the bottom left of that is a section with red font for you to put your name and whoever’s name you’re sending it to. There’s a castle with yellow lit windows in the center of the template. This Halloween Gift Certificate Template can be downloaded by anyone and can be edited in microsoft Word or as a PDF.

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